Wedding Decor Ideas

Weddings are thought to be the happiest day of your life. Recently, I was able to experience my own wedding. I can truly say that it was gorgeous with an even more beautiful backdrop filled with oak trees, Spanish moss, ivory, and birch bark. Someone's wedding should have a personal signature. The decor should say, "This is Megan Law's wedding." If you are looking for a southern plantation wedding with a lot of greenery, then I have a lot of rich and luscious ideas for you!

1. Green Moss Backdrop

This backdrop can be used for multiple locations at a wedding. For instance, you can use it to dress up the bar or as a backdrop for an elegant and high-end Photo Booth.

2. Welcome Sign

Everyone needs an appropriate welcome sign to greet their guests at the reception. The welcome sign also needs to fit the theme of the wedding. It is important to pick a color palette, theme, and stick to them when you are choosing your decor for the ceremony and reception. My welcome is similar to the one below. I bought it off of Etsy for less than $150 (including shipping!) which I thought was very reasonable. Others ranged from $200+.

3. Eucalyptus/ Fabric Table Runner

Lately, eucalyptus has been a very strong trend for many weddings. I did use eucalyptus at my wedding. However, I did not put them on all of my tables. I used round and long tables. Long tables do not sit as many guests as the round tables do, so it became a problem. Especially, with a large guest list. I used tulle to run down the other long tables (eucalyptus is also really expensive). It would of cost over $1,000 to cover 9 long tables with seeded eucalyptus, but it only cost a $20 to buy light pink tulle to cover 6 of the 9 tables. This is just one of the many ideas to cut costs at a wedding.

4. White Aisle Runner

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with too much white. White creates a clean slate that gives you open reign to do whatever you would like to do later down the road. I used a white aisle runner (top picture) in my ceremony with light pink rose petals to line the sides. I also used white chairs for the guests to sit in.

5. Mercury Stained Glass

I am a huge fan of the vintage look. I love the new mixed with the old. Therefore, I incorporated mercury stained glass vases into my reception. My centerpieces consisted of birch bark and mercury vases. It was mostly silver mercury, but we also used rose gold. You can get these at Home Goods or at websites such as I recommend buying your centerpieces at wholesale value. You save a lot of money. It is very easy to spend money during a wedding, so try to be conscious of your spending habits beforehand. You can also make your own mercury stained glass. I did this for large vases. It saved me over $200.

Please let me know what you like or any ideas that would like at your wedding. I would be more than happy to post DIY on it. I will be posting a lot of DIY's in the near future, so please give me lots of ideas to chose from!

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