Very Affordable Tablescape For A Dinner Party

Who loves eating at restaurants that place stainless steel silver ware and linen napkins at the table along with crystal glasses with long stems to hold? I know I do. I love to feel a little indulgence every know and then. Well this is an easy way to treat yourself. Just put a placemat out with a your everyday place setting and flatware. I also used a few things from my wedding registry like a wine decanter, pitcher, and cheeseboard for the salmon we made. You can't go wrong with a monogrammed cheeseboard!

Lenox Place Setting

My place setting is one of my favorite items from my wedding registry! Lenox is such a reliable and reputable brand. My grandmother and mother used this brand. Both have never had a complaint. I have zero complaints, and these plates go with almost anything. They make for a beautiful cabinet. Everything is white and clean! The french pearl just adds a perfect touch of detail. You can never go wrong the the Lenox 4-Piece French Perle Bead Dinner Set. I know my family and friends paid over $60 for a place setting, but you can get it for $50 on Amazon right now! I love deals! :)

Dansk Flatware

So as you get older, your priorities start to change. When I was younger, I did not care if a utensil was dishwasher safe or stainless steel. Guess what? Now I do! Now I read the fine print on the box, and the flatware I use is definitely stainless steel and dishwasher safe. This is a lot less work on me and Phil every night after dinner. It also means the flatware won't tarnish over time. Can't get better than that! Absolutely love, love my Dansk Bistro Cafe 5-Piece Place Setting. It is only $17 on Amazon right now!!

Red Wine Glasses & Decanter

Wine glasses can be a great accent piece for your dinner table. I love wine glasses with long stems. I also love wine glasses that a little color to them. I did not use on of color because I wanted to establish a very casual and mute tone here. However, if I was to host a summer lunch, then I would use a wine glass with a blue or green stem. It would add the perfect playful touch to the tone of the meal. You can find my Riedel Pinot Noir Wine Glasses on Amazon for less than $70!! Such great quality and very durable. I have dropped these so many times, and they have held up to my clumsy hands.

I did not understand the importance of a decanter until very recently. For one, a wine bottle is not very chic or modern on the table. Also, if you did not buy an expensive bottle of wine, then a decanter is a great way to hide that. The decanter also allows the wine to breathe. This in return allows certain flavors and scents to surface that could not in a corked bottle. In other words, a decanter is a win, win situation! I have the Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Decanter. Guess what? It is very affordable. It is less than $40, and you can find it on Amazon! You have to love Amazon!!

Ballard's Place Mat

These placemats are my mother-in-law's. They are from Ballard's Design. They are great for casual luncheon and dinner. I absolutely love them because they are grey and white (some of my favorite colors). They allow me to use whatever color plates or napkins I chose. I have found similar placemats. I absolutely love the Kate Spade Floral Placemat and the Faye Floral Placemat. It is only $27 for four!! If I didn't have so many placemats already, then I would be adding to cart now!! Perfect for any causal, minimalistic dinner with your hubby!

Wooden Cheeseboard

So if you haven't been married or didn't already know, then let me spoil the surprise, you will get five or more cheeseboards!! Yes, this is one of those. It is from Pottery Barn. I absolutely love it. It is great for cheeses, meats (charcuterie board), or anything else. I put our baked salmon on it at dinner! Flatbreads work too. The only thing I do not like about wooden dishes is they have to be hand washed.. However, it does look nice on the table. lol. If you do not mind hand-washing a plate or two on occasion, then invest in a Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board! The uneven edges make the board look natural and give a beautiful aesthetic.

The flower arrangement is special and sentimental to me. My mother had someone make it from my bridal bouquet. It makes my dinners with Phil that more special. We can be reminded of our wedding day every night we sit at the dinner table. I would love to hear about your special dinners with your significant others or whoever you share your nights with. Please comment and let me know how you make your nights feel special.

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