Affordable + Awesome Loungewear Finds From Old Navy

My entire life I have been raised to live, love, and breathe loungewear. When my mom would walk through the door at 5PM sharp (because who doesn’t love to leave a desk job on time), she would greet the dog, walk to her bedroom, and change into her pajamas. In that exact order! No, the kids were not in that equation. However, as I have gotten older, I really can’t blame her. I am constantly tired, and the very first thing I want to do is change out of my jeans and into my comfiest clothes which are my PJs!! Plus, my little pup is just infectious. You can’t help, but to greet her at the door. Since I have grown so fond of my pajamas (or as my mom calls them “comfy clothes”), I am dying to share them with you!!

So first off, I have a weak spot for Old Navy loungewear. I know. Everyone forgets about Old Navy, but their loungewear and athletic gear is worth it. Everything is under $20, and my pajamas still look new a year later! My favorite is a navy blue set with a pink trim. It’s so sudle you forget it is there. Usually you have to buy the top and bottom separately, but it comes together at Old Navy!

Unfortunately, I bought it so long ago that they no longer carry the item, but I am linking a very similar pajama set from Amazon at a very similar price (with great reviews) below.

My second favorite item from Old Navy is a pair of black and white joggers. My husband tends to keep it freezing cold in our condo (65 degrees)!! Not my ideal lifestyle, but you make sacrifices for the ones you love. Right?!! Well, these joggers help A LOT! They keep me very warm and cozy. If you like to match your tops and bottoms, then a simple white tank or sweater will do the trick! I am also linking a similar pair from Amazon and the exact pair from Old Navy!

Have any favorite finds? I would love to hear about them! I love to hear from you guys. I will be responding to any questions you may have. If you don't want to comment, then please share my posts! Thank you guys. You are the absolute best!!


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